This classic family ride is deceivingly good fun for all ages.


Then – Childrens Ride Area/ Octopus Garden

Now – Canada Creek

Official Thorpe Park Description:

From the 2000 Thorpe Park website “A speedy train journey, zooming around in the middle of Canada Creek while climbing and dipping through the Wild West.”

The Ride:

Rocky Express is a spinning train ride that was manufactured by Heinrich Mack GmbH from Germany. The ride opened at Thorpe Park in 1989 in the Childrens Ride Area that would later become Octopus Garden. It left this area to move to Canada Creek at sometime during the 1996 - 1997 seasons.

The ride consists of a continuous chain of eight brightly coloured cartoon styled trains that rotate around a central section with a water tower and Native American standing on it.

The train carriages are painted in four different colours: red, blue, green and yellow (with a red outline). Each of these trains can sit up to six people, with up to two people per ride car. Each of the ride cars features a T-bar style restraint.

When the ride is in motion it is capable of reaching a top speed of 11rpm and rides last for 120 seconds. Because the ride track is designed with peaks and troughs the trains are constantly climbing and dipping for the duration of the ride.

The speed, climbing and dipping of this ride make it far more exciting to ride than it looks.

One word of warning though for any non-children planning to ride:
Make sure you sit on the outside/ left of the ride car. This is because the trains slightly slope outwards during the ride. If you sit to the right you will be pressed against the centre bar of the restraint for the entire ride. Not only is this uncomfortable but it has been known to leave bruises.

But as long as you sit on the left you should enjoy a great, fun ride!

It is also quite rare for Rocky Express to have much of a queue so it makes a nice break from all the big thrill rides.

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Ÿ – An aerial photo taken 15th May 1993 that shows Rocky Express in its original area, Octopus Garden.
Rocky Express (1989 - Now)

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Taken from the 1992 park map, supplied by Alec Dunn.

Taken in 2009

supplied by Richard Jones.

Rocky Express taken in 2006 supplied by Neil Zone.

Taken in 2009.

A close up of the central section, taken in 2009.

Rocky Express with SAW - The Ride in the background, Taken in 2009.

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