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Old Thorpe Park Bosses





1979 - Alan V. Endsor, Managing Director of Leisure Sport Ltd.


1985 - Derek Oliver, Sales & Marketing Manager


1986 - John Camden, Chairman RMC Group


1988 - 1994 - Colin Dawson, General Manager


1997 - Chris Edge, General Manager


2000 - Glenn Earlam, Divisional Director


2009 - 2011 - Mike Vallis, Divisional Director

A selection of some of the people who have run Thorpe Park since it opened, with the years we know they were active.


Fun & Games

Calgary Stampede Sim

A simple but fun sim for

Thorpe Park’s classic

Canada Creek ride.

Created by Chris Papaioannou

© Thorpe Park Retreat 2004


Click to Play

Roller-Coaster Designer

A simple line rider type

coaster game.

© CARET Brainteasers & Puzzles


Click to Play

Rollercoaster Rush

A great little flash game from Games.co.uk, just make sure you don’t go too fast and throw your riders from the train!


Click to Play

Rollercoaster Creator

Another fun flash game from Games.co.uk, this time you

build the track using the

pieces available.


Click to Play

Any links to copyrighted material or use of screen shots are for reference and recommendation only.

Build Your Own Coaster

This fun little game is on the Discovery Kids website and will rate your coaster with a fear rating after you have designed it.


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Neilfever’s RCT3 Thorpe Park Recreation

Neilfever’s excellent recreation of Thorpe Park circa 2007 is

one of the best real life parks I have ever seen created

in any of the RollerCoaster Tycoon games to date.


Follow Neilfever for his Theme Park news updates and chat

on twitter @Neilfever


LOST The Ride at Thorpe Park

A while ago flickr user 8carl8 created a proposal

for not only a new B&M coaster but a whole new area of

the park that would be themed around the cult US TV series LOST.


Being a huge fan of the show I think this would have made a great new coaster for Thorpe Park. Especially with it being set on one of the newly created infilled islands.


These plans are © Carl Pike.


Click here to see his plans.

Random Thorpe Park Facts








TV shows at Thorpe Park


A list of TV shows that have

been filmed at Thorpe Park




A playlist of video clips from some of

these shows and more can be found on our YouTube channel.



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