Thorpe Park’s classic Childrens Ride Area was home to many people’s earliest rides at the park.

Location: Then – The area outside the front of Dizzy Den/Souvenir Junction/SS Octopus/Thorpe Mega Store.

                   Now – Storm Surge, Thorpe Park’s new water ride for 2011 now stands in this area.

Official Thorpe Park Description:

Octopus Garden

From the 1995 park map “For all ages groups its great fun, great rides, great giggles.”

From the 2000 Thorpe Park website “An island of fun in the centre of the park, our Octopus' Garden will keep the little ones smiling!"
"Brightly coloured kiddies' rides and slides, full of seaweed, friendly fish and a jolly octopus."

The Attraction:

For almost as long as the park has been open this area has housed a mixture of fun rides to entertain the smaller children visiting the park.

In 1992 the area was re-designed and theme to become Octopus Garden, this was so the rides and area fitted into the relatively new Fantasy Reef park area.

Some of the rides and attractions that have been in this area over the years include:

Pre Octopus Garden Rides
Dolphin Ride
A small animal and vehicle themed Carousel
Snakeslide (a Helter Skelter)
A ‘Bouncing Castle’
Dizzy Den (an inside soft play area that later became Souvenir Junction/SS Octopus/Thorpe Mega Store)

Octopus Garden era Rides:
Slippery Serpent
Ollie Octopus
Swinging Seashells
Up Periscope
Happy Halibuts
Fantasy Fish
Pirates Lagoon
Galleon Race
Rocky Express (before it moved to Canada Creek in the mid 1990s)
THORPE PARK Bashing Balls briefly moved to Octopus Garden after Slippery Serpent was removed.

Octopus Garden Removal in 2010

During the 2010 season it was announced that after many, many years the classic childrens ride Slippery Serpent would be leaving the park. Soon after this rides removal it was announced that the whole of Octopus Garden would be closing mid-season so construction could begin on the new family water ride for 2011 Storm Surge.

Thorpe Park had this to say about Octopus Garden’s closure on their 2010 website: “As of Monday 6th September 2010, the Octopus Garden area of THORPE PARK has been closed for its removal in preparation for a proposed new ride. The 64ft spinning raft ride will add an additional element of fun for thrill-seekers and families alike as they spin out of control down this insane sky-high water ride.

We are sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause, but we are constantly researching and looking to develop our product offering and this closure ensures that we are continuing to develop the Park’s overall objective to establish its brand positioning within the very competitive industry, as the nation’s Thrill Capital.”

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Ÿ – An ariel photo of Thorpe Park taken in 1993 that clearly shows the Fantasy Reef and Octopus Garden park areas.
Childrens Ride Area/ Octopus Garden (Mid 1980’s - 2010)
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Uploaded to YouTube by totalthorpeparktv

Description: A video of the Octopus Garden rides

Supplied by Desirée

The animal and vehicle Carousel taken in 1995.

The animal and vehicle Carousel in 1987.

Supplied by Snail Trail.

Taken in 1982.

Supplied by Kaz Wells.

Taken in 1991.

Supplied by Snail Trail.

Taken in 1982.

Supplied by Snail Trail.

Taken in 1982.

Supplied by Desirée

The Ladybirds taken in 1995.

Supplied by Desirée

Slippery Serpent taken in 1995.

Slippery Serpent taken in 2009.

Supplied by Desirée

Taken in 1995.

Supplied by trainsandstuff.

From the 1995 park map.

Taken from the 1992 park map supplied by Alec Dunn.

The ride that later became Slippery Serpent, taken in the late 80’s.

The Bouncing Castle that was in the area in the late 80’s.

The ride that later became

Ollie Octopus, taken in the

early 90’s.

Taken in the early 1990’s.

Taken in the mid 1990’s.

The Dolphin Ride taken in the early 90’s.

Ollie Octopus

taken in 2009.

Galleon Race taken in 2010.

Fantasy Fish taken in 2010.

Happy Halibuts taken in 2010.

Swinging Seashells taken in 2010.

The Octopus Garden sign taken in 2010.

Some of the Octopus Garden theming taken in 2010.

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