Mr Rabbit was Thorpe Park’s original mascot from the early 1980s - 1988.

In 1989 the park’s new mascots the Thorpe Park Rangers arrived and

Mr Rabbit became a member of the Rangers group.

Mr Rabbit was a cartoon style grey Rabbit with a white belly.


He would typically be seen wearing a pink waistcoat and bow tie, with wide white cuffs with yellow cufflinks just above his wrists.


Like many other mascots Mr Rabbit was often shown in different costumes/guises.


In the 1980’s Mr Rabbit was the star of his own Children’s show in the Club House.


The 1986 park map had this to say about the show:

“MR. RABBIT SHOW – Meet Mr. Rabbit (AS SEEN ON T.V.) in his very own show...”


More information about the Mr Rabbit show can be found on the Club House page.


A photo of Mr Rabbit posing with a child in front of a set similar to that used in the show can be seen here.


An early postcard from the park shows Mr Rabbit posing with two other costumed characters, a green frog and a mouse in a hat. These may have been friends of Mr Rabbit at the time, but currently there is no information available about them.



Over the years of being Thorpe Park’s mascot Mr Rabbit featured on a lot of merchandise and memorabilia ranging from:

● Postcards  ● Keyrings  ● Badges & Pins  ● Coasters  ● Bottle Openers

● Notepads  ● Rubbers  ● Soft Toys  ● Figurines  ● Cups & Mugs  ● Bags

● Mr Rabbit Hats  ● and many, many more items



The Evolution of Mr Rabbit


Below are examples of how the costume character version of Mr Rabbit changed over the years.




The Classic Mr Rabbit


Dressed with a pink

waistcoat and bow tie, wide white cuffs with yellow cufflinks. This is how Mr Rabbit was most frequently shown during his 1980’s mascot days.







Mid Thorpe Park Ranger Transformation


This version was a cross between the classic Mr Rabbit and the Thorpe Park Ranger version with a blue waistcoat, light blue bow tie and a yellow ‘Thorpe Park Ranger’ star.




Thorpe Park Ranger Version


In full blue and yellow Rangers uniform, this is the look that Mr Rabbit had for the majority of the Thorpe Park Ranger era from the early 1990’s to the early 2000’s.




Photos supplied top to bottom: by Alec Dunn,

Ben Wegner and Ian Large.


Mr Rabbit joins

the Thorpe Park Rangers


Even though Mr Rabbit slightly took a back seat when the other Rangers arrived in 1989, he always was and always will be my favourite Thorpe Park Ranger.


The Rangers back story, that was told via large story books on the outdoor section of Mr Rabbit’s Tropical Travels (the Ranger County re-theme of Magic Mill), told of how Mr Rabbit discovered the rest of the Thorpe Park Rangers whilst on one of his travels through a deep jungle.


Mr Rabbit Merchandise Photos

A post card

supplied by Alec Dunn.

Another post card

supplied by Philip Hutchinson

A Mr Rabbit soft toy.

A post card

supplied by Alec Dunn.

A post card

supplied by Alec Dunn.

A post card

supplied by Alec Dunn.

A Mr Rabbit soft toy.

Classic Mr Rabbit hats with ears.

Classic Mr Rabbit hats with ears.

A blue Mr Rabbit hat supplied by Matt Cooper-Kay.

An early badge supplied by David Inglesfield.

Another early badge.

One of my favourite

early badges.

An enamel and metal

pin badge.

A great character

pin badge.

A smaller version of the pin badge image as a necklace.

A Mr Rabbit keyring.

A Mr Rabbit bottle opener keyring.

Thorpe Park Rangers
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A notebook keyring.

Mr Rabbit on a Treasure Island Railway Mug.

Mr Rabbit on a black

drinks coaster.

A phone message note pad.

A pocket sized notebook.

A childrens money purse.

A souvenir cloth bag.

A bendy Mr Rabbit figure.

A purse supplied by Desirée.


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