The Thorpe Park Rangers were

the park’s mascots from

1989 – 2005, although they were most popular during the 1990’s.


On this page you can find information about each of the Rangers.



Meet the

Thorpe Park Rangers








Chief Ranger  


He is the leader of the pack.

He is brave, courageous, always looking out for his fellow Rangers and fans.

The mischievous Mr Monkey would sometimes call him officious as he was always giving him a run for his money.


Ranger County Ride: Chief Ranger’s Carousel (1994 – Now)






Baby Bear


Chief Ranger’s son, he is not officially a Thorpe Park Ranger

but he wants to be when he grows up.

He was representative of some of Thorpe Park’s smallest visitors at that time as he was not big enough for some of the rides yet but he knew he would be soon.





Mr Monkey  


Mr Monkey is the mischievous one of the group.  

He is always playing tricks and practical jokes on the other Rangers, particularly on Chief Ranger.


Ranger County Ride: Mr Monkey’s Banana Ride (1994 – Now)







Mr Elephant


In his own words he is “an elephant, as fat as fat can be”.

He is often quite sleepy and partial to an afternoon snooze.


Ranger County Attraction: Mr Elephant’s Picnic Area











Mr Giraffe


Being the tallest of the Rangers Mr Giraffe is very clumsy and is always getting his head stuck up chimneys or bashing his head on things.


Ranger County Attraction: Mr Giraffe’s Fungle Store











Mr Rabbit


Mr Rabbit was Thorpe Park’s original mascot in the

1980’s who joined the Rangers when they arrived at the park.

He is the most hyperactive member of the group who is always rushing around at speed. Some would even say

He can be a bit impatient.

Ranger County Ride: Mr Rabbit’s Tropical Travels

        (1995 – 2000/ 2001)








Miss Hippo  


Miss Hippo joined the Rangers in the mid 1990’s as one of two new female Rangers.

Always one for an adventure guests can join her on her own fun jungle (Fungle) Safari adventure at the park.


Ranger County Ride: Miss Hippo’s Fungle Safari

         (1995 – 2009)






Miss Frog


Miss Frog was the other new female Ranger who joined the group with Miss Hippo in the mid 1990’s. Being one of the quieter Rangers not much is known about her.












Harley, who some people may know as Cool Cat, is one of the Rangers friends who first arrived at the park around 1995.

Towards the end of the 90’s he became the main character in the animated Thorpe Park television ads.

Not much more is currently known about him.


The Litter Lout


The Litter Lout was the Rangers main antagonist during the early shows. He adored being messy and loved to drop litter around the park.


We must appeal for more information about this lout so that

he can be stopped from turning Thorpe Park into a tip!


Any information would be

greatly appreciated.

The Kangaroo Ranger


This mother kangaroo Ranger

and her child only seem to

appear on the 1989 park map,

the year that the Rangers first

arrived at the park.


We can only assume they decided not to keep the character as it was far too similar to Kanga and Roo from the Disney version

of Winnie-the-Pooh.


Any information about these characters would be greatly appreciated.

The Lion Ranger


This old Lion Ranger also only seems to appear on the

1989 park map.


Perhaps he was deemed to be

too similar to Livingstone,

Chessington World of Adventures mascot at that time.


Any information about this

character would be greatly appreciated.



Thorpe Park Rangers
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