A Ferris wheel in Lost City that only lasted two seasons at the park.


Then – It was built on the old Jungle Zone Adventure Golf site in Lost City, next to Zodiac and Quantum.

Now – Rush now stands in this area.

Official Thorpe Park Description:

From the 2003 park map “Board Eclipse and embark on this flight of discovery for a panoramic view of Thorpe Park.”

The Ride:

Eclipse was a Lost City themed Ferris wheel that stood at around 80 feet tall, had 108 seats and provided great views of the park. It also provided riders a break from the thrills rides as it was the only ride in Lost City that was not a thrill ride.

At the end of the 2004 season Eclipse was removed as it was not very popular with guests. It would be replaced with Rush “The world’s largest speed swing” that opened in 2005. Eclipse was then moved to Chessington World of Adventures, to their Mystic East area of the park, to become Peeking Heights.

Memories of Eclipse:



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Facts & Trivia:

· The ride was manufactured by the Fabbri Group.

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Eclipse (2003 - 2004)

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Supplied by James Salter.

Supplied by James Salter.

Supplied by James Salter.

Supplied by James Salter.

Supplied by James Salter.

Supplied by Neil Zone.

A photo of Eclipse as Peeking Heights at Chessington World of Adventures.

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