A large bumper car ring situated in the old Cinema 180 dome/building.


Then – This attraction was built in the old Cinema 180 building.

Now – Zodiac now stands in the area of Lost City where this building used to be.

Official Thorpe Park Description:

From the 2000 Thorpe Park website “These bumper cars will have speedsters of all ages in a spin!”

The Ride:

Dare Devil Drivers was one of the last attractions RMC added before they sold the park to the Tussauds Group. It was then removed during the 2000 season to make way for Zodiac and Vortex that officially opened in 2001 as part of Tussauds new thrill focused plan for the park.

Memories of Dare Devil Drivers:



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Facts & Trivia:

Two other attractions added by RMC in 1998 include Dino Boats and Wet! Wet! Wet! (the water slides that were added to the Fantasy Reef/ Neptune’s beach).

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