A colourful soft play area for children and toddlers located in Carousel Kingdom.

Then – In Carousel Kingdom building.

Now – Amity Cove’s KFC is now in this part of the building.

Official Thorpe Park Description:

From the 1997 Thorpe Park website “A soft play activity area in Carousel Kingdom where toddlers and upwards can play safely, whilst the Mums and Dads rest their feet. Don't miss out on the "Fun House" also in Carousel Kingdom, an area of coin operated amusements.”

The Attraction:

Courtyard Challenge is first mentioned on the park’s maps in 1994. It was a large indoor soft play area for toddlers and a safe indoor adventure playground for older children.

The toddler area had a number of large, soft, brightly coloured play items including large plastic covered foam shapes for them to climb over. The adventure playground area was made on a number of levels with plastic tunnels, cargos nets and netted walkways to get around.

‘The All New Courtyard Challenge’ opened in 1998 and was open for two seasons before closing with the rest of Carousel Kingdom at the end of the 1999 season. This was to make way for a new larger arcade and a KFC that would open with the new Tidal Wave themed park area Amity Cove in 2000.

Memories of Courtyard Challenge:



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Facts & Trivia:

Before Courtyard Challenge opened this part of the building was home to an attraction called ‘History of British Architecture’ until 1990.

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