The classic Thorpe Park Ranger themed carousel.

Location: Rangers County

Official Thorpe Park Description:

From the 1994 park map “The new Chief Ranger’s Carousel is unique with some of Thorpe Park’s major rides in miniature alongside traditional gallopers.”

From the 1995 park map “Whizz around with all the Rangers on this gentle carousel.”

From the 1997 Thorpe Park website “A spectacular carousel ride with 40 brightly coloured gallopers and carriages representing some of the rides at Thorpe Park, such as Loggers Leap, Thunder River, and the Flying Fish. Plus a spinning Mr Elephant and the new Rangers, Miss Hippo and Miss Frog.”

The Ride:

This carousel is unique to Thorpe Park as it is well themed featuring traditional gallopers alongside models of classic Thorpe Park ride vehicles and The Thorpe Park Rangers.

The Thorpe Park ride vehicles featured on the ride include a cartoon style (classic green) Flying Fish, a Phantom Fantasia/ Wicked Witches Haunt ride car, a Teacup and replica boats from Hudson River Rafters, Loggers Leap, Thunder River and a Viking Rower. Since the ride opened a large number of the rides featured have left the park.

The carousel also features models of Chief Ranger, Baby Bear, Mr Elephant, Mr Giraffe, Mr Monkey, Mr Rabbit, Miss Frog and Miss Hippo, with all the Rangers wearing their classic blue and yellow uniforms.

Memories of Chief Ranger’s Carousel:



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Facts & Trivia:

Chief Ranger’s Carousel is one of only three rides at the park that still feature The Thorpe Park Rangers. The other two being Mr Monkey’s Banana Ride and Canada Creek Railway.

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Ÿ - A page of photos taken between December 2008 and February 2009 by a team that repaired and re-painted some of Thorpe Park’s rides and scenery including the horse gallopers from Chief Ranger’s Carousel.
Chief Ranger’s Carousel (1994 - Now)

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A model of the classic Flying Fish.

A model of a Hudson River Rafter.

Mr Monkey and a Thunder River boat.

An artists impression from the 1994 park map.

Supplied by smilersthemeparkphotos.  A photo showing the Carousel’s location near Nemesis Inferno.

Mr Rabbit

Mr Giraffe

Miss Frog

Miss Hippo

Baby Bear

Mr Elephant

Mr Monkey with a Thunder River boat.

Chief Ranger in a Loggers Leap boat.

A Viking Rower boat.

A Hudson River Raft.

The classic Flying Fish.

A Phantom Fantasia / Wicked Witches Haunt carriage.

A Phantom Fantasia / Wicked Witches Haunt carriage.

A close up of a classic Thorpe Park logo on the Thunder River boat.

A photo taken by smilersthemeparkphotos in 2008 showing the Carousel with no figures on it.

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