Carousel Kingdom was a large brightly lit, indoor, traditional style carousel with a small twist. Also in this building was Courtyard Challenge a children’s soft play area.

Location: Then - Was built in the old Space Station Zero building, when that ride became the Flying Fish.              
                   Now - This building now houses ‘Amity Boardwalk Game’/the Arcade.

Official Thorpe Park Description: From the 1997 Thorpe Park website “Carousel Kingdom is an under-cover family entertainment area, themed around an attractive Medieval town square and castle. Ride on the first "double decker" carousel in the UK, the beautifully hand-painted, traditional merry go- round is an exact replica of the old steam powered carousels from the early 1890s. Choose from brightly coloured galloping horses, flying elephants, cockerels or balloons suspended from the upper deck whilst dancing to the old-time piped organ music.”

The Attraction:
This was an ornate traditional style carousel with a slight twist as it was made with two storeys. On the first level there were traditional carousel horses and other ‘mounts’ you could ride on including a Tiger. Also on this first level were steps leading you up to the second level. From here you could then board spinning tubs that looked like ornate hot air balloon baskets. These were suspended from the ride ceiling and they over looked the people on the level below. In the centre of these tubs there were small Teacup style spinning plates that allowed you to rotate your tub while the ride was moving.
The Carousel was made by Peter Petz of Germany and it was illuminated by many small bright lights making it look impressive in the dimly lit building. In the centre there was a pipe organ that played traditional style fun fair music.

Memories of Carousel Kingdom:



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Facts & Trivia:
The Carousel at Chessington World of Adventures features a similar style spinning tub. This can be seen in one of the photos and the video above.

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Carousel Kingdom (1990 - 1999)

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Taken from the 1991 park map supplied by Alec Dunn.

Taken from the 1992 park map supplied by Alec Dunn.

A photo of the spinning tub on the Carousel at Chessington World of Adventures.

Uploaded to YouTube by DJKhemica

Description: A working spinning tub at Chessington World of Adventures, similar to those on Carousel Kingdom.

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