This fun fair style spinning flat ride was at one point one of Thorpe Park’s only thrill rides.

Then – In Canada Creek near Loggers Leap.

Now – Samurai now stands in its place.

Official Thorpe Park Description:
From the 1997 Thorpe Park website “Experience the challenge of a rough and ready bucking bronco! The Calgary Stampede's gigantic triple swinging arms swoop and twist its 42 passengers at a 34 degree angle whilst spinning at a dizzy 30 revolutions a minute!”

The Ride:
Calgary Stampede was a ‘Tristar’ ride, manufactured by Fairmatt, that opened in Canada Creek in 1993. As the ride was not very well themed and still looked like a fairground ride some people thought it looked out of place in Thorpe Park, especially in such a well theme area such as Canada Creek. Despite its lack of theming the ride was enjoyed by most that rode it and is fondly remembered as being one of Thorpe Park’s first thrill rides.

On the ride you sat in ride cars that sat up to two people and had T-bar style lapbar restraints. There were 21 ride cars in total and these were arranged in circular groups of seven cars. Each group of cars were coloured a different colour, they were metallic gold, pink and green. Each of the ride cars was connected to the ride at the front and back so it could swing while the ride was in motion.

Each group of seven cars were arranged around a circular frame that was attached to one of the rides three arms so it could spin anti-clockwise. Each of these three arms would be raised and lowered during the ride so that the riders could be tilted at 34 degrees whilst being spun around. These three arms were then attached to a central section that also span around, this time in a clockwise direction.

Decoration wise each ride car had lights on the front and back and on the underside. The rest of the ride was covered in yellow, blue and red fairground lights.  

Calgary Stampede left the park at the end of the 2003 season to make way for Samurai which moved to Thorpe Park from Chessington World of Adventures in 2004.

Memories of Calgary Stampede:

Phill: When the ride was building up speed and stopping it would spin you out towards the safety barrier around the ride and sometimes it gave you the feeling that you may get too close and hit it.



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Uploaded to YouTube by Funfairsuk

Description: Footage of a similar Tristar ride in action.


Supplied by James Salter

From the 1995 map supplied by Glen

Photo of Calgary Stampede taken on 20.10.99

Photo of Calgary Stampede taken on 20.10.99

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