A challenge to ride bikes with offset axels around a course.


Then – These were on a hill between Dizzy Den & the Childrens Ride Area and where they built  Trappers Trail.

Now – This hill was flattened to build the X:\ No Way Out building.

Official Thorpe Park Description:

From the 1986 park map “BRONCO BIKES – wobbly wheeled bikes...”

The Attraction:

These were bikes you had to try to successfully ride around a track. The problem being that they had offset axels, for example they were set 1-2 inches above centre, so they bucked up and down when they were ridden.

These are not to be confused with the new ‘Crazy Bikes’ that are at the park as a skill game you have to pay for. As these new bikes only have their steering reversed.

Bronco Bikes were removed from the park in 1989 to make way for Drive in the County which opened in 1990.

Memories of Bronco Bikes:



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Bronco Bikes (Early/Mid 1980’s - 1989)

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