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About Us

Memories of Thorpe Park is a not-for-profit site that has been created to showcase our memories of the ‘Great’ Thorpe Park, particularly from the late 1980’s to the late 1990’s.
We are planning to focus mainly on the years when Thorpe Park was a family orientated water park and the Thorpe Park Ranger days.
If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this site, anything you would like us to cover in the future or if you have any photos, videos or memories you would like to contribute to our archive please get in touch using our by emailing us at:

Contributing to the Information on the site

All information on this site is based on the memories of individuals or groups of people and this information can sometimes be incorrect. If you know of any information on the site that you believe is incorrect please contact us to let us know so we can try to change this information.

Likewise if you have any information that is not included on this site please let us know to help make this the most comprehensive online resource for information on Thorpe Park’s history.

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A Big Thank You & Site Dedication

We would like to say a BIG thanks to all our very kind contributors, fans and visitors – thank you for your patience whilst the site was being built, this site would not be the same without you.

Special thanks go to:

My Wife Helen for all her help & support with the site and for being the best person to visit Theme Parks with.

My Family & Friends for all the great memories of our visits to Thorpe Park and other attractions since my early childhood.

RC – Thanks for all your help with the site so far, you have proven to be a great font of knowledge on all things ‘Old’ Thorpe.

And last but not least thanks to Thorpe Park and all the great staff that have worked there over the years, who have all helped to make Thorpe Park ‘Great’!

This site is dedicated to the memory of two people who have meant a lot to me in my life, who are now sadly no longer with us and with whom I spent many a great trip to Thorpe Park when I was little. Thank you and rest in peace x

Phill Pritchard, Founder of Memories of Thorpe Park
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